Watermelon Mint Salad

This year, Bangalore has had some unusually hot pre- summer days. It is not mango season yet, mangoes make summer bearable. But there is a surplus of watermelon in the stores. Right in front of my apartment sits a watermelon vendor. I can look out of my kitchen window and see the tempting red fruit, calling out my name. I take a bowl down and buy a full fruit. He cuts it for me which makes my life easy. I make fresh juice with it, so refreshing to come home to some cold watermelon juice.

Here is a simple refreshing watermelon salad recipe. Easy to make and wonderful to have on a hot summer day. The saltiness from the feta goes well with the sweet watermelon. This serves one person as a complete meal or two as a starter.


2 cups chopped watermelon

¼ cup chopped mint

1/2 sliced onions

¼ cup feta cheese or goat cheese

1 cup chopped cucumber (optional)


1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

1 tbsp lemon juice

Salt and pepper to taste


Place watermelon and mint in a bowl. Add onions. Add cucumber if using.

Add the goat cheese to it.

Mix the ingredients for dressing together

Pour on watermelon mixture and toss.

Taste for seasoning and serve



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  1. Looks so vibrant and refreshing!


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