My Mom’s Coorgi Akki Roti (Rice flatbread)

akki roti with mushroom curry and indian spinach

Sometime back I had posted a recipe for Akki Roti. That recipe is very common in Karnataka and easy to make. This is a special akki roti made in Coorg/ Kodagu. Kodagu is a district in the southwest of Karnataka. It is a beautiful hill station filled with coffee estates and paddy fields. Their most famous dish is the pandi curry (pork curry) which is slow cooked with spices and a special vinegar made from a fruit. But they also make a lot of different dishes which are less known. My mother is from Coorg and I am hoping to showcase many of the vegetarian dishes they make. Scroll to the bottom to watch a video on how to make the akki roti. Mine was not perfect and it was not as easy as I thought it would. I need to practice a lot more. This has to be eaten hot. I served it with a mushroom and spinach curry.

This is a healthy dish with no oil at all.


1 cup cooked rice

1 cup rice flour

salt to taste


In a mixer/ food processor, add rice, rice flour, and salt and mix well.

Once mixed, turn it into a large plate and knead for about 5 minutes until the dough is soft and pliable (almost like play dough).

Take a ball of dough and flatten it using your palms and fingers. Then place on a board with a wet muslin cloth. Flatten with fingers. (Watch the video)

Place it on a hot pan and cook on one side. Turn it and cook for a few seconds. Then place it directly on a high flame and cook on both sides. It should puff up. (Like a

Serve hot with a curry of your choice.




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