Kitchen Tools You Can Do Without!

One day, when my colleague and I were getting ready for a class to teach simple machines, we asked our students to look around the classroom, school and their homes to look for simple machines. The next day, I brought in my kitchen tools to class. I love kitchen tools, and I buy anything interesting. It was an interesting class because most students started guessing what the tool could be used for. Many years ago, I used my kitchen tools to teach ‘sets’ in math.

Today, as I wait for my shipment to arrive, I am working on minimal things in the kitchen. The things I really miss are my good chef’s knife, a peeler, a good cutting board, my measuring spoons, my kitchenaid mixer, a chopper , a good set of ladles, a good colander and sieve, a good tea strainer, a rice/ pressure cooker, a regular masher.

So do I really need all these tools?

Potato masher: I prefer the older, simpler one. The potato ricer, I use to break nuts into pieces rather than a ricer.

A potato masher (left) and a ricer (right)

Sifter and the Sieve: I prefer to use the sieve, it is easier to use. Though the sifter is a fun tool to have, but not necessary.

Sifter and the sieve

Measuring spoons: More the merrier. I always seem to need atleast two of them at a time. I use these for baking.

Measuring spoons, cups and tsp/tbsp

A bowl scraper: I love the simple bowl scraper I got for free almost 15 years ago when I subscribed to a magazine. I have not been able to find a replacement for it. It finally broke and I had to retire it. Sigh! I definitely use them to scrape all the dough from my mixing bowl.

More kitchen tools: I use all of these, except for the garlic press (I use it to pound or break nuts but rarely for garlic). The one on the left is an egg separator. My husband, when he makes egg white omelettes for me, uses this as he does not like to touch the egg. The yolk stays on top and the egg white falls into the bowl. I just use my fingers. The cookie dough scoop is really useful while making cookies to get the same amount and cookie size.

The other tool which is good to have is a chopper. I have tried many different ones. I now bought a Ninja electric chopper which I really like. It is good to chop onions, garlic, tomatoes. You can whip up a chutney, salsa or guacamole with ease.

Of course, a good cutting board, good knives and a good set of pots and pans, ladles a pastry brush are essential. As I now know, I do not eat half the things I have. But I wonder if it will stop me for buying the next cool tool I see. I suppose I can use it for other things, like teaching!


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  1. I can relate to this! Just took a trip to our storage in IC, and left behind most of the tools once again. However, I always travel with my knives, in a bright case I bought myself before we started our nomadic existence. I hope your shipment comes soon.

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  2. Lavanyaa Manjunatha says:

    Fantastic post Preethi! I love the kitchen tools!!
    Knives, peelers, seives/tea strainers, colanders, pressure cookers are a must for me! And I tend to have atleast two of each of them! And many ladles 🙂 😀


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