A Hack to keep Sticky Ingredients (like Honey and Peanut Butter) sticking to your Measuring Spoon

This happens a lot while baking. You need honey to make granola or peanut butter to make cookies. You pour the honey into your measuring cup to measure 1/2 a cup and then pour into our ingredients, half the honey sticks to your cup. You then spend precious time scraping out the honey; the same with the peanut butter. Washing the measuring spoon is another headache. Follow this simple hack to avoid the hassle. You must be already doing this but if you have not, this is something to remember the next time you use honey or peanut butter.

  • Coat spoon or measuring cup with cooking spray, oil or butter depending on what you are making.
  • Pour/ spoon in your honey or peanut butter into your measuring cup.
  • Pour it into your ingredients and see how easily it slides out.

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