Be safe and keep cooking!

Long before I started writing this blog, I always wanted to write a cookbook for my kids. This was before ‘google’ and before you could get recipes in a jiffy. When I got married 25 years ago and moved to a different continent, my parents would handwrite recipes in letters as speaking on the phone was expensive and we spoke briefly once a week where I asked for recipes and then had to wait for the letter to arrive. I learnt some recipes from my husband who had been fending for himself for a few years. Today, I just have to google to find a recipe I want. But there are times, when we cannot find the version your mom or dad or aunt or cousin made. Every family has their way of making something. That you cannot find on google.

Many many years ago, I had tried compiling traditional recipes from the family. But it did not go far except for my dad sending me some recipes. In the midst of the pandemic, I realise people are turning to comfort food and food that makes them happy. So I am trying again to get my family to share recipes. I am asking my extended family to share recipes. I have also asked friends. So hopefully, I will be including recipes from friends and family in this blog. I hope you enjoy this as much as I will (not only writing up their recipes but connecting with them)! If you would like me to include your recipe or would like to be a guest blogger do let me know!

Be safe and keep cooking!


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