Watermelon Slush

This summer has been oppressively hot and unbearable. The tendency to drink something cold has made me make fresh watermelon juice and have it in the fridge instead of store bought sugary ones. There are days when I long for ice cream, being lactose intolerant keeps me away from them. So here is a substitute, a healthy and tasty one, which will surely keep you cool and happy.

I also tried making granita/ watermelon ice. Once it was frozen, I scraped it with a spoon to form an ice. It does take a long time to do that and I prefer the slush, which takes much less time to do. It is super-easy to make with just 2 ingredients. I did not add the sugar but if you want it sweet, go ahead and add it.


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  1. This is what is needed. Healthy and simple option. Thanks


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