Strawberry Lemon Sorbet

I have not posted for some time. It has been busy with work. Hopefully, I will start posting more regularly. I hope you all are well! It is finally spring and we are having some warm days. Our friends recently went strawberry picking and got us some fresh strawberries. We ate some fresh and dipped…

Tigerkaka (Tiger Cake – Chocolate Marble Cake)

“Travel changes you. As you move through this life and this world you change things slightly, you leave marks behind, however small. And in return, life—and travel—leaves marks on you.” ― Anthony Bourdain Reposting this post from 2018. Recently a friend, tried this and informed me of some typos. Correcting and reposting. From the time I…

Rava Kesari (Sweet Semolina Dessert)

In October, we celebrate Navaratri/ Dasara over 10 days (9 nights). It is celebrated all over India and each part of India celebrates it differently. In Mysore, the Dasara procession draws people from all over the world, in Calcutta it is the Durga Puja celebrating Goddess Durga. In Gujarat they celebrate Dasara with dhandia and…

Blueberry Muffin

When it is summer, and blueberries are in abundance, blueberries are thrown in salads and pancakes and coffee cakes and orcourse muffins. It is also the only fruit my younger son eats without a fuss. I make many different versions of blueberry muffins; some with butter or oil, buttermilk or regular milk, sugar or honey….

Chocolate Brownie with a Hint of Cinnamon and Cayenne

There is only one thing the whole world is talking about and that is the Pandemic. It is a scary, crazy time of our lives; the fear of the unknown. The stores have been depleted of hand sanitizers and toilet paper. Interestingly, the baking aisle is also empty; no flour, sugar, yeast, or baking powder….

Pumpkin Espresso Cake

I had made this cake in the new year. Lots has happened in this year, especially in the last few weeks with the pandemic, the fear among people and the unknown. The one thing that keeps a lot of us sane is comfort food, cooking and baking. I went shopping and all flours were out….


Madelines are these soft, pillowy and buttery little french cakes. They are best eaten the same day which is not a problem when the kids are home. The lemon peel adds so much flavour. They get a little dry after 2 days. But dunk it in tea and take a bite and they taste so…