Baked Brie

If you want to make a dish that looks and tastes amazing and looks like you have been toiling over a hot stove but takes minutes to prep and make, this is the dish! This is a versatile dish. I sometimes top it with honey, sometimes with jalapeno pepper jelly or orange marmalade. It depends…

Daikon/ Icicle Radish (Mooli) Greens Dal

Daikon greens in a spiced lentil and coconut sauce This is a dish my mom has been making for years. Usually the leaves of the radish are discarded. In fact when I was living in India and I would buy icicle radish from the street vendor with the leaves, I would ask for more leaves….

Vegetable Hakka Noodles

Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving! As the temperature goes down, a steaming hot bowl of spicy noodles is perfect for a week-night dinner. Take a walk down a street in India and you will find corner carts making Hakka noodles and Gobi Manchurian. Some of the best noodles I ate were in Kolkata….